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It just feels so good to let it all out.

It sucks.

Honestly, It just sucks. Everything and anything about my life is far from perfect. The people that treat me like shit for no reason seem to always have it easier than me. The guys I like never like me back. The people I want to fuck off, cling to me with dear life. I’m far from where I want to be and I don’t even have any hope anymore.



Ex’s are probably one of the hardest people to get over. You’ve spend time and have made memories with them, one’s that probably are unforgettable. Here are some tips that I’ve learned on how to get over them, and move on. 

  1.  Think about the bad times- The fights, the annoyances, the stupid statements. Think of it all, get angry and prepare yourself for step two.

  2. Send a hateful message.- Probably viewed as immature, but if you ever have sent a hateful text you’d know how good it feels. At least I feel this way Sure, you’re ex will probably blow it off but I’m sure there is an understanding that you are upset. Make sure you keep this message off physical features. Don’t text “you’re ugly fuck you”. That’s hitting and all time low of immaturity  The more appropriate text would me “You’re heartless, don’t think of others and you don’t know what you’re losing  With the occasional ‘fuck you’ Sure you still sound immature, but you’ve got your point across.

  3. Cry- boy or girl. When you’re hurt, you’re going to cry. This is a healing point. Cry you’re eyes out, until you can’t cry anymore. You’ll feel much better after.

  4. Delete from you’re life.- Facebook, BBM, contacts, twitter. Block, delete remove, what ever. Make sure you have no contact & No information on what he or she is doing and who is he/she with. It helps if you don’t go to school with him/her. Like I always do, Avoid the problem.

    I’m not saying you should do all these, I’m just stating what has been helpful for me. Honestly most of the time it’s nearly impossible to get over someone.
Clingy guys

This is probably one big problem I have. 

Clingy friends. (mostly guys)  

I know some of you may be like ‘oh it wouldn’t be that bad’ but you’re wrong.

Very wrong.

I’ve been dealing with this problem for about a year. Yes, a whole year and I’m still putting up with it because I’m too cowardly to take my own advice.

I’m the kind of person that like to be alone. So it’s hard for me to keep friends without feeling like I’m being suffocated. 

Clingy is not cute, nor loyal. It’s exhausting having someone around you 24/7. They don’t let you breathe and most often are the reason of your bad mood. If you’ve ever dealt with this you know how easily love goes to hate. 

Kinds of Clinging.

  1. The guy who won’t take no for an answer. You two become friends  everything is going good. Then he goes and ends up with feelings for you. Once he comes out about his feelings (or you approach him) this is the time he should back off. But the clingy guy typical with take what ever chance he gets so I advise you not to use the words like “We can still be friends” if you need space it’s best to be telling him. “We need some space.” Nothing else. The clingy guy will also ruin your chance with guys you’d like to get to know in a romantic kind of way. I have dealt with the many times, the clingy guys gets jealous and scares away the chances of being with the guy you like.

  2. The younger friend, obviously we make friends with girls and guys in other grades. Usually the grade above or below, being a Junior in high school most of my friends happen to be out of my class. But I’m talking about the younger grades, the ones that are just maturing. The age difference is a bit offsetting to the friendship  seeing as you’re more developed and experienced. And let’s face it, kids can be pretty annoying.

  • Be very clear!- You need space. Say it, and say it again. If they don’t get the hints, be blunt and tell them “I need space” Don’t be scared of hurting there feelings, they should understand. And if they don’t you’re problems is solved either way. Hurt feelings tends to make a person fuck off.

  • If you don’t like being blunt. Strong hints are needed. I’ve once had to literally run off. Speed walk and only answer with “hmm’s” and “yea’s” as if you were talking to a stranger. They will eventually get the hint.

  • Resist the urge to punch them in the face. Yes, It’s hard and an efficient way to get them to back off. But hey, it isn’t very nice. 
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